Personal Financial Planning Podcast

Do you love the house you're in but worry that you're outgrowing it? If you don't want to try and buy a new home, you can still add the space you need to your existing property with custom home additions. We specialize in upgrading your existing house to fit your future needs, so if you want to add to your San Jose, CA, home, give us a call.

Custom House Additions

One of the greatest parts about working with us to add to your home is that our construction is completely customizable. We'll talk with you beforehand and figure out your needs, whether you need to add another bed room or two, expand your kitchen, create a home office, or add a

New bathroom. We will create a new design to show you, and once you've approved it, we'll get to work.

We have over 20 years of experience in the remodeling and renovation industry, and we offer 10-year warranties on all of our renovation work.

For structural projects, we offer a 5-year warranty. Our team is dedicated to honesty, transparency, and quality, and we'll never add any hidden fees or cut corners while we work. Our goal is to give you the highest quality home addition possible.

Contact us for our services in The Bay Area today at (973) 216-4181.












Financial planning is important no matter how old you are, but as you age, you may feel more of a sense of urgency to put your finances in order. If you own large real estate holdings, this process is even more important so you can plan for retirement properly without getting slammed with taxes. At Financial Legacy, we offer one-on-one financial advice as well as a financial planning podcast.

About the Podcast

If you’re not ready to start planning in earnest but you want to let the ideas percolate, our personal financial planning podcast might be just what you are looking for. You can start thinking about what your options are without mixing an appointment into your busy schedule.

We cover topics related to family business legacies, taxes, investments property ownership, and even life insurance, from healthy foundations to estate plans and the execution of those plans. We can give you the information you need so that when you are ready for a consultation, you can have a solid base to work from and we can be productive in our meetings.

Prepare yourself for financial success with our podcast episodes and then gain personal, tailored advice with a free consultation.