The retirement Legacy is difficult and complex. The success of a well-planned and executed plan is one of the steps to guarantee the peace and tranquility of the family in the years to come. Intelligence, knowledge combined with Maria’s experience make planning for retirement easier to create and implement.
--C. Rothschild, Brazil

Maria has captured the essence of Retirement Planning. She has communicated the soft and the hard factors to consider when thinking about creating an efficient and effective retirement plan.
D. Hu, Australia

Maria’s analysis goes beyond simple financial planning. She has provided an ethos for capitalistic legacy planning and sustained generational wealth. She manages to divulge in detail the aspects of a family dynamic within the business with ease. This is not simply a to-do list, but a holistic strategic approach to maintaining both the financial and emotional support of one’s family and business continuity.
--L. Rogers, USA

Insurance is an important and useful tool when planning your financial legacy. Wealth managers should implement some of these legacy strategies to deepen their business relationship with their high-net-worth clients.”
--P. Cairoli, Argentina

Picking up on Steven Covey’s timeless advice to ‘Begin with the end in mind’ and wise words from Harvard Classmate and family business leader Dan Sullivan, “Remember that happiness is a decision, not a result”, Maria helps to create the right state of mind for creating and preserving wealth.
--C. Taylor, Australia

I really enjoy working with Maria and building my real estate and investment portfolio in New York City. She is my trusted advisor, and she has helped many of my friends acquire and manage their investment portfolios.
--J.R. Rossetti, Argentina


Maria helped me identify, buy and negotiate the purchase of my first real estate investment in New York City. Maria is a great asset for international
buyers needing guidance in investing in real estate, managing the portfolio to obtain a great return on equity over time.
--L. Benvenuto, Brazil

I highly recommend Maria for her investment knowledge, business acumen, and experience in creating wealth through real estate investments both in Florida and New York City. She is my trusted investment advisor in the USA.
--Dr. Antonio Segna, Italy

I have been working with Maria for many years. She is a very knowledgeable real estate investment advisor. I trust Maria wholeheartedly with all my
real estate assets in the USA. Maria is trustworthy, reliable, knowledgeable and I highly recommend her.
--H. Schaffer, Turkey